Monday, March 02, 2015

Cleveland Dressed In Its Finest Disgrace

The Tamir Rice MURDER case continues to sink to a new low ...which is exemplified by the behavior of the officials and attorneys with the City of Cleveland.

On the heels of the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri ...comes the pathetic travesty of justice that surrounds the shooting of 12 year-young Tamir Rice. And if you check out the video only further nails down my point: The Cleveland Police Department (yeah, those Ugly
American Child Killers) really need to get a grip on more than their guns.

I've never liked Ohio cops. I've found them, on the whole, to be arrogant, asinine, phony and
condescending. And whenever one has ever pulled up by me, I've assumed a stationary position with my hands where they can be readily seen. They never recognize the blue line running through my
lineage and they don't need to. All they see in front of them is a homeless hitchhiker. And that is
just fine by me...let them.

So, what is it going to take for the City of Cleveland to finally admit that they hired an
emotionally unstable individual, put a badge on him, gave him a gun and turned him loose on
the street like an armed madman?

Dress it up any way that you want to,'s still filthy rags in the eyes of true justice.


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