Thursday, April 02, 2015

Jason Perlow Reveals Kaspersky To Me

We all use antivirus software on our computers. I even have a kind installed on my cell phone. But it is not...nor will it ever be...Kaspersky. And you should know why...

I bought Kaspersky (to the tune of $80+) last November and installed it on my laptop. The software worked fine until today, when the company told me to download the free upgrade.

I then watched the new version crash and burn on my machine (my computer is fine). So I contacted Twisty Tie...I mean Technical Support and they told me that they would charge me $50 to look into the problem. I told them that I know how to make both of my middle fingers stand straight up.

Then I went to and found a guru there named Jason Perlow. He writes for the website and ZDnet is a top of the line internet publication.

Jason and I exchanged emails and he stated (he later told me that his comments are serious and 100% true) that: "You should not run any software made by Kaspersky. It is a Russian-owned company whose owner has close ties to Vladimir Putin and cannot be trusted with your personal data." He even wrote an article about it.

 I obviously contacted the right guy. Whatever you add to your device,  do NOT use Kaspersky!!!

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