Monday, May 04, 2015

A Gun And Getting To The Truth

This video and a corresponding transcript arrived in my email this morning. Usually I
form an opinion one way or another fairly quickly. But not this time. Ben Philippi, who
produced this video, has some impressive credentials. But,  in my opinion,
he still comes across as a bit of a morbid, creepy guy.

Philippi's points may be valid but then again...maybe not. He claims that Jessica was
"hit over the head." And while it has been reported that she had a large gash on her head,
there is no definitive proof (as far as I know) how Jessica received that injury.

He also declares in the video that if Jessica had access to a gun on that fateful night last
December, she "might have had a chance." Really, none of us know that and maybe we
never will.

I just wish that the F.B.I. and those backwoods bumpkins with badges in Courtland,
Mississippi...would stop fooling around and arrest whomever committed this atrocious

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