Saturday, May 02, 2015

The Truth Is In The Trash


Baltimore City Police Live Scanner

I recently posted this on my Facebook page in response to a reader's comment: (April 30, 2015)

People who loot and riot and destroy property and injure officers are monkeys. Period. And where they are doing it is in the urban section of Baltimore...therefor it is a total urban tantrum. And I for one am getting sick of it.

"Impoverished inner city youth" my butt! The rioters are mainly adults (in the weakest sense of the word) and they and any teens who are involved, should be ashamed of themselves. And "impoverished" people live in Nepal right now...not in Baltimore, Maryland. If an 8 point earthquake hit that city today, then all bets would be off. Nobody would be thinking up excuses to hurt people, light fires or steal. Priorities would suddenly change. The rioters in Baltimore have a great deal of energy which they are putting to bad use. I bet the folks in Nepal would give everything to have half of that energy, right now.

Also, the term "monkeys" refers to anyone who is rioting in Baltimore and those rioters are not just black. White people have been arrested, too. I know this because I saw photos of that happening via the Associated Press. And furthermore, I have not referred to anyone by color...on the contrary, the only one between the two of us who initially referred to color is you.

"White people throwing the word monkey around" is racist and the veil is not included. As for the "racial divide" that you referred to, that is an apple to Baltimore's oranges. The disgraceful behavior in Baltimore is not about racial is all about a group of people who have chosen to act like monkeys instead of decent human beings with a clear sense of right and wrong and what their blessings are.

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