Monday, June 01, 2015

Kyron Horman: We Still Care

I sat in my now legendary "Camp Chair To Everywhere" the other day. Late Spring
leaves whispered to each other from the tree limbs high above me. Lavender and
yellow butterflies flitted above the new green shoots in a farmer's field. And I wondered
if Kyron Horman would like to cast a line into the nearby river, like a 21st Century
Opie Taylor.

Kyron. I think about him sometimes when I end up stuck for hours on the side of a
road, waiting for a ride. What a sweet kid. How anyone could ever see him any other
way is beyond me.

I wonder if Desiree misses the feeling of Kyron's arms around her and that quiet voice
saying, "I love you, Mom." And I wonder if Kaine dreams of the day that he hears his
son laugh as he says, "Hey Dad, look what I did!"

And I wonder if Tony Young (thank you for agreeing to rise back to the surface, Tony...
I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say at the upcoming vigil) yearns for
the day that he can think of Kyron without feeling a pain in his gut.

I wonder...and I pray.

I travel many miles during the Summer months...putting out my thumb by gritty Interstates
and dusty country roads. And I look for Kyron in rest areas, in passing cars and in motels. never know.

And I tell people about the amazing kid who blazed into people's a shooting
star...and set the conscience of America on fire.

Oregon mourns its lost son and the grief is sincere. Even after five years.


You've done a terrible thing, Terri. You know you have. And like law enforcement, I also
believe that you had help doing it. Yes, it is pure speculation on my part, but I believe
that if DeDe assisted you then she may have also enlisted the aid of a long-haul trucker.

Yes, I do think that my theory may be right.

You're a pathetic person, Ms. Moulton. And if the truth reveals that you
actually tried to use Kyron to pay off your own evil debts...God will eventually even-up
the score.

And maybe you decided that since you couldn't kill Kaine outright, that you would at
least kill off a part of him when you made Kyron disappear. What a legacy to leave
behind really stinks, Terri. Your soul is so corrupt now that you might as well
be living in a sewer.

Kyron has been part of my blog for five years now. And I hope that the truth will set
him free before another five years pass.

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