Thursday, June 04, 2015

Message From Momma: It's Kyron's Turn



I hope you are listening.

Each night when I go into his room, I see that he’s not here. When I close my eyes, I can see his face. I can still see the way he holds his hands. I can see his spiky hair and remember how it feels to touch it. I remember how it feels to hug him, I can hear his laughter in my head and him telling me, “Momma I love you.” I try to be strong and not cry, but as I think of him the tears fill my eyes.
I am down on my knees tonight and hoping that you are listening. My son needs your help. I hope that you can hear me. He is scared, if you can see him and know where he is; he needs your help to get home. I wish that I could take his place somehow, but what he really needs is to be home safe in my arms. It’s where he’s belongs; it’s where he is loved. I’ll fight for him every day, I will continue to search everywhere for him, but now I ask for your help. I don’t like who I am without him here.
I know the person that he is, I know the person that he wants to be, and I want to see him grow up with me. There are so many people praying for him, that I hope that he will come home, he must come home. I see all of the other missing children stories of the kids that get to come home and I pray that it’s Kyron’s turn. Kyron needs to be the one that gets to come home too.

Please help us end the silence, help us find him, and helps us get justice for him. Please help him find his way home. I will never give up looking for Kyron, I will never stop. This year we are ready for this to end, we are ready for the answers to come, we are ready!

Thank you,
Kyron’s Momma
Desiree Young
from "Missing Kyron Horman" on Facebook

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