Thursday, June 04, 2015

Terri Moulton: An Open Letter

Your life isn't like this photo anymore is it, Terri?

An Open Letter To Terri Moulton:

What did you do today?

I wondered about that as I spent my day many miles and two time zones away in Minnesota.

Did you think about what happened five years ago today on June 4th? 

Did you feel any remorse or regret?

Or did you just shove reality aside and pretend that it was just another Thursday?

What did you do with the memories?

Did Kyron creep into your conscience and stare into your withered soul?

Did you comfort yourself by circling protective thought wagons around your ravaged psyche?

Did you talk to Kyron today (after all, it appears that you know where he is) or did you just
whisper to his ghost?

And did Kyron answer and say, "I'm so proud of you, Mama Terri."

Did you turn off every media source today or did you go online and watch the TV and smile?

Just how sick are you now, Terri?

Desiree says that she doesn't want you to win. Do you think that you've won anything worthwhile,

Do you truly believe that you ever will?

I know that you can, if you want to, disappear into the imaginary world of Claire
Stella Sullivan.

But where can Kyron go now?

I know where he can go...


When are you going to get enough guts to make that happen?


Ruthie Rader

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