Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beginning Again With Windows 10

Microsoft's Windows 10 and my HP computer joined hands in holy cyber matrimony at 6pm, this day, PST. I am so happy! :) I plan to get all of my errands run and then I am going to return to my motel and explore everything that I can about this new operating system. Yeehaw! It will take awhile for me to become familiar with everything here...because really, folks...for those of you who have not yet tied the knot...this upgrade feels like I have just opened a whole new computer again! And I am sure that both Microsoft and I will run into some walls. But I have faith that the group at Microsoft will cooperate nicely with we both get used to this new operating system. Thank you, once again, Microsoft for working so hard to make this happen. Now I am sure that at least some of you want to know what this new browser and the whole package looks like. Heh-heh...get your own bag.

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