Saturday, July 11, 2015

Frenchtown's Choice To Make



Note To My Readers:

The following post is a longer version of what will be published by another media source
soon. Since I composed this post, I have been blessed to reach Idaho. I still have my computer and my camp chair. The snippet of video (above--WHAT A WAY TO START THE DAY!) was recorded about three hours before my backpack was stolen. Where you see me in the video is exactly where I spent the entire night before the theft took place. THE FLIPSIDE OF KARMA is where I am

I am winding up a hitchhiking trip from the State of Oregon to Pennsylvania and West
Virginia. (I originally planned to go to New York State but that is another story.)

I am now on my way back to Oregon.

Yesterday I ended up in Frenchtown, Montana. No one brought me any further. So I spent
last night sitting in my camp chair, by a guard rail at the end of an overpass bridge.

This morning I decided to go to the gas station.

But my body ached and I was still very tired. So I stashed my backpack under the guard rail,
grabbed my other gear and headed across the bridge.

You might say that I took a risk. But you have to consider that I hitchhiked across thousands
of miles. I met all sorts of people, went in and out of many vehicles and dealt with my gear
in many different scenarios. And no one ever stole anything from me. Never.

Until today.

Right now it appears to be an ignorant, hate-filled act that was done by someone from the
Frenchtown area. And because of that deliberate act, I lost some things that may be vital
during the rest of the trip: 75 SPF Sunscreen (because my heart condition requires me to
take medicine that reacts with the sun), my rain jacket, my metal emergency blanket, my
fully-stocked first aid kit, all of my clothing and the backpack itself. This is only a partial
lost of what I lost.

I almost lost my belief in the goodness of Montana, as well.

But a woman stopped who lives in the Frenchtown area. And she, God bless her, decided to
do the right thing. Right now I am typing this out in a nice hotel where I will be able to take
a bath, wash out the clothing that I am wearing (because these duds are all that I have left)
notify my friends online and sleep in a very comfy bed.

By the time that you read this letter, I will be long gone from this area. I get to leave what
crept up to that bridge this morning and stole what rightfully belongs to me.

I will be gone. But the bad mindset that prompted someone to practically steal the
clothes off of my back…will remain.

So now you good folks in the Frenchtown area have a choice to make: Enable the thief
or stop him. I am now aware that I am not the first person to lose possessions to a thief
in Frenchtown, lately. Maybe it’s time to take a stand.

When you do, consider this: I am almost 60 years old. I have problems with my heart.
I have a bad left foot and my hearing is limited. But I still soldier on.

And I bet that what that thief did this morning is one of the wussiest and wimpiest
acts that anybody has done in Frenchtown in a long time.

Thank God for the woman from Frenchtown who is made of much stronger stuff than
that. much more strength will it take for Frenchtown to make sure that the their
local thief doesn't steal from anyone else...ever again?

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