Sunday, July 12, 2015

West Virginia Is Just Wrong--Part Four

What Started The Whole Idea

The video (above) was recorded in Pennsylvania. And that happened AFTER the village idiots
decided that my sleeping safely and peacefully in my camp chair in the middle of town was too
sensible of an idea.

So they packed me and my chair up and drove us both to a dimly lit ball field at the edge of
town. That location is bordered by woods, the way.

Yes, folks, they dropped me and my gear off there and took off. Then the mosquito itching
aviation squad appeared with a vengeance...with their proboscis platoon of  other biting
insects in tow.

About twenty-minutes later, several cops arrived with flashlights, badges and a belligerent
attitude. They tersely informed me that the village idiots were "out of line" and never should
have brought me there.

Then they whisked me away in one of their rigs to Pittsburgh and put me on a southbound
bus to Morgantown. And THAT, my friends, is how I ended up in West Virginia.

They didn't give me a choice...and I didn't get a chance to get a lawyer. The cops just gave me
a Pennsylvania Push to West Virginia and that was that.

When I arrived in Morgantown, I stopped at the local transit station. The woman sitting at the
"I'm in charge" desk behind a pane of bacteria-proof glass, glared.

"Are you homeless?" she barked.

"I am a professional hitchhiker, ma'am" I replied.

"Well, sit down and shut up. I don't want any trouble out of you" she barked, again.

And that was my open-armed welcome to West Virginia.

The next day, it went from bad to worse.

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