Friday, August 28, 2015

A Professional Victim


I sincerely hope that you read the above news article before you read the rest of this post.


Because I want you to see for yourself how utterly entitled Vester Flanagan, a professional,
considered himself to be. And he did!

After all, Mister "I'M NOT THE MONSTER HERE" never had to worry about where he would get his
next pair of shoes or his next meal. Flanagan didn't write down "Find A Warm, Dry
Place To Sleep Tonight" or "Ask Church For A Jacket" on his "To-Do" list.

No, he didn't have to. That's because Vester Flanagan had money and cooperation from
people in mainstream society. He dressed like a career man so nobody expected him
to do what he did on the last day of his life. Yet he was never satisfied.

I am not a professional in the basic sense of the word. Nope. And tonight I will huddle in one
of the bus shelters at the transit center and hope that the wind doesn't blow the forecasted
rain into my face.

I don't have the cash or the clout that Flanagan had. I can't even obtain a


So why should anyone put more faith in a formally trained, dressed up, bonafide professional?

If Vester Flanagan is an example of an authentic professional person then we in this society
have a real problem here. That's my opinion, anyway.

Now the question is: What do I...a bottom-rung homeless person...have to offer that's better
than what Mr. Vester Lee Flanagan II ever bothered to share?

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