Monday, August 31, 2015

Before The New Morning Comes

                                PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. … This crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not before." --Rahm Emanuel, source Wikiquote.

Really now. Is that right.

I came across a document on the City of Corvallis website today. I read it and now I am going to
comment on it...something that I bet the parties involved never thought I would do.

The above comment by Rahm Emanuel is included in the wording of the document. I like it...
which is why I am sharing it here. I am going to take full advantage of  this "opportunity."

From the document:

[CHF would do well to acknowledge that increasing housing size and consolidating programs at Our Place will increase the amount of traffic, extend the amount of time the homeless congregate in the surrounding public and private areas, and likely compound the number of negative behaviors.]

My Reaction:

What the above observation is referring to is the idea of creating a homeless shelter in the downtown
area that will include the serving of three free meals a day. The CG's (Corvallis
Gentry) just can't have that. Nor can they abide the idea of anyone with mental health issues getting
any kind of professional (there's that word, again) counseling or therapy at that same facility.

From the document:

[ opportunities with reward (e.g. “1 + 2 = 1” – if you work 1 hour a day for 2 weeks you get to be hosted at a restaurant for dinner.]

My Reaction:

What the above words are referring to is the idea that the homeless community is made up of a
pack of dirty, garbage-loving slobs. The document is suggesting that the homeless people start
picking up trash (regardless of who put it there) for fourteen hours and then they'll get a free

Aww...isn't that just special? Why it's even better than a punch card! (Note my sarcasm)

Yeah, after mucking around in the trash for two weeks, that whopper from Burger King sure is
going to taste good. (Even more sarcasm)

I don't suppose monetary compensation will be an option...nah, of course not.

From the document:

[Provide external storage facilities for your clients.  Lockers of some type available to folks prior to going in might be one solution.]

My Reaction:

By golly, there's nothing like handing over everything that you carried on your back all day. Except
in this case, it won't be because the homeless people need storage. No. It will be because once
they reach the shelter door, they won't be considered responsible enough to properly care for their own
belongings anymore.

(Translation: We know you homeless people are really stupid underneath it all. So
we will be here every night to remind you.)

From the document:

[Human waste on our properties is among the nastiest things I (and others in our neighborhood), regularly deal with... Should the city consider placing a few port-a-potty’ units in key neighborhood areas? Remove the seats, no hand cleaner units – simple and streamlined so they are easier to take care of and less likely to get messed up.]

My Reaction:

Yes, the document did go there. I already know that some of my compadres on Facebook are going
to be either outraged, astounded or both.

I have never crapped in the wrong place in Corvallis. But this document proves that some
mainstream people in this city are equipped with brains that drop bad ideas like turds...all over the place.

The document, in parts, is just plain sad. And I will think about the author's heart when I sit on that
cold steel bench tonight.

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