Monday, August 03, 2015

Dan Gladden: Money In His Mic

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I was skating around the Internet today when I suddenly slid into a stop so hard that my
brakes locked. (Yeah, right.)

"WHAT is this?" I asked the screen.

And then I read the fine print.

I wonder what it's like to charge that kind of money just to show up somewhere and

Since people are obviously willing to pay Mr. Dan that kind of dinero...I wonder how
much folks would shell out to listen to Mark Zuckerberg for fifteen minutes?

But then again...Zuck is an Internet/Social Media/Marketing wizard god, right now.

Dan Gladden is an aging former outfielder who now covers baseball games like
some people cover their mouth. (Before or after they yawn? Well...)

But he can still ask for thousands of dollars to speak his mind. I do it for free. Every day.

Do you think that Dan Gladden's price tag makes him someone worth listening to?

Many people can and do talk baseball. Does Gladden's booking agent work
some magic and transform his client's words into something that should be bought and
paid for?

"It's all choreographed and staged" you once said, didn't you Mr. Dan?

Well, I guess you would know.

Yes, I suppose you know whereof  you speak.

Especially after your listeners pass the plate.

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