Saturday, August 29, 2015

Desiree Young: "Who's With Me?"


Desiree Young's new message: "I have a lot of fight left in me. I am fighting against the evil that wants us to give up and go away. I am fighting against time that keeps taking away the new memories of my son. I am fighting against the one person that refuses to set our hearts at ease by remaining silent and not providing the answers we so desperately need. I am fighting for Kyron because he needs it. I will not give up and I will not stop, so I continue to search and continue to fight.

I am taking the power back and I will search until the day he gets to come home. Who’s with me?

We will begin our search this Labor Day Weekend with renewed energy and hopefully a lot of you, our supporters, there by our side, dedicated to finding Kyron as well. We are bringing in K-9 teams, other volunteers, and Klaas Kids will be there to help us launch a successful search this year. We are going to search some new areas and Lord willing, we will get some answers this year. We are looking for volunteers for Saturday 9/5 to help us search and hopefully help us get answers and bring Kyron home."

If persistence ever really pays off...then someday Desiree Young will be reunited with her son,
Kyron Horman.

Kyron's birthday is coming up and so is mine. His date is right next to mine. And I bet that the
day that Kyron was born is forever engraved in Desiree's mind.

And that is something that Terri Moulton will never have.

God bless you, Desiree and good luck.

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