Monday, August 17, 2015

Hating The Homeless In Corvallis, Oregon

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I was sifting through the stories that had been emailed to me from the local newspaper here in Corvallis, Oregon yesterday...when I came across this one:


I have stayed on the street for the past week in Corvallis and I noticed that the police presence
had increased dramatically. There have been cops in rigs and cops on foot. I looked around for
cops on horseback but I haven't seen any yet.

The local homie chatter told me that the Corvallis police are targeting homeless people.

For what, I wondered.

Then I read the above article and it all came together in my mind. "Ah, So!" I declared, they are
targeting the homeless people because they have had the unmitigated gall to exist here. Yep, that's
about it.

The homeless breathe, they eat and they poo, too. That fact has begun to piss-off some business
owners and local curmudgeons. Yeah, they've had enough of the free and unbridled homeless
presence here in Corvallis, Oregon and they're determined to do something about it...gosh darn it!

The cantankerous Corvallis crabby-heads are now banding together to throw every person without
a residence right past the City limit sign. And they're going to attempt to light a fire under the city
when they meet at the local library this Thursday night.

I plan to attend that meeting. Shoot, I wouldn't miss it for the world. I just love it when people who
have never walked a mile in a homeless person's shoes...go on the warpath. And I'm not sure if I will
introduce myself or not. I might just sit in a chair and listen, instead. Either way, the experience will
be priceless.

Ain't it something, yo?

Suddenly, every piece of litter...waste...and vandalism in the City's parks is now owned by a homeless person. Ditto for every second of bad behavior.

Obliterate the local homeless population and Corvallis will rise to a "Perfect Paradise" status. No
crime, no controversy and no more reminders of how, through the fragmented "provider system", Corvallis has dropped the ball.

Meanwhile, I will sit and watch the streets grow quiet...wrapped up in a blanket in the middle of the night...still wishing that I could go home.

My in circulation (sent to various places yesterday):

I didn't know anything about this whole flap until I read my email newsletter from the Corvallis Gazette-Times. Now, I know. I come and go from Corvallis...unlike some of the homeless population here...I am highly mobile and not a totally "localized" homeless person. But I am read on, people. I scanned the articles and the petition (which as of 2:25pm Sunday, August 15 had only 14 signatures on it) and just shook my head. What are you fools doing now? The Powers That Be finally decide to build a shelter in Corvallis and some of you go ballistic? Really. And then the Powers go one step further and suggest that the homeless people get fed 3 meals a day at that shelter?? OH MY GOD!! Lock and Load! Circle the Wagons! Meet at the Library! Start a Petition! WE MUST FIGHT BACK!! (end of my sarcasm) Get a grip, folks. The shelter is a very good idea that is long overdue. You want the people without homes to straighten-up their act, too? Then give them the new shelter. The new shelter will provide toilets instead of the Sunday choice to "go" in the overfull Porto-potty in the park or "among the trees." The new shelter will provide beds that will be a blessing for those who prefer a good night of sleep over sitting on a bench all night long. (Hint: Humans who get the proper amount of sleep on a regular basis tend to be more productive and capable of making good decisions) The new shelter will make it possible to keep the poor people's possessions in an organized area. Therefor, less flotsam and jetsam will be littered across the City landscape. Residents of the new shelter will be able to make and keep appointments that will help them to deal with addictions and obtain permanent housing. And last, but certainly not least, the new shelter will allow the senior homeless population to obtain the dignified and crucial improvements that they desperately need. I know...I am a senior. You want the Corvallis homeless population to change how it lives? Then give the homeless population what it needs: A new shelter with all the bells and whistles that will be necessary to improve their quality of life. Get involved and lead by example, Corvallis. Work the plan. Your community is only as strong as its weakest link. So connect with that link...or stop your whining, sit down and shut up.

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Anonymous said...

Hello. You just called to ask about the meeting at the library tomorrow (Thursday) night. I have a correction - it starts at 7:00pm. More information about the event is listed here:

Ruth Rader said...

Thank you for that clarification. The library called me back this morning and they are still saying that the meeting will begin at 7:30. I just plan to wander on down to the meeting room around 6:45pm and find a seat.

For me...the real impact will be when I sit down in the dark...on a cold metal bench...after everybody else goes...home."The Biggest Threat In Corvallis."

Falling asleep to the echoes of all those kind words that I just know will be spoken at that meeting. The words will all be kind, right?

Of course they will.

Morgan said...

It seems like the town has to get its act together and learn that people are people.

Ruth Rader said...

Well put, Morgan my friend, you are right. The entire community WILL have to "get its act together" in order to make things right for everyone who lives there.

And now, about the money angle...