Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Truth Is Coming Closer

                                            JESSICA'S FATHER BEN CHAMBERS


Oh, but I hope that the string of stories that have been released during the past few days...
are right. I am praying for this so much!

I featured Jessica Chambers on my blog since last December. Then I pulled all of the
information because I wanted to wait for some good news. That good news may finally
become a well-known truth very soon.

I sure hope so. And I just love the haughty, "come here and let me get a piece of you"
stance that Jessica's father, Ben, displayed in the above photograph. As the photograph
reveals, he is not a broken man...far from it...he is now a man on a very definite mission.


I want to see Jessica rest in peace when her attacker is brought to justice. It's about time!

Woe be to you who murdered that beautiful young woman! You are soon going to learn
what real strength is. I defy you to walk in the path of Jessica's father. You have
no concept of what justice really is...yet.

Oh Father God, may the  next few months bring the blessing of truth and the satisfaction
of justice to Jessica Chamber's family, friends and the world.


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