Thursday, September 03, 2015

A Dirty Word

                                            PHOTOS/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

In the midst of the crass stupidity of the war between the homeless population and
the CG's (Corvallis Gentry), I had a very interesting day. In fact, my day...(up until
I stepped into the public library~and my day obviously isn't over yet) was a series of
absolute contradictions.

Before I tell you what happened after the sun came up...I'm going to give you a glimpse
into how my day usually begins. To say it's unique...considering that I am in one of the
most financially well-heeled communities in an understatement.

I spend my nights at the city transit center...where the only time that I am "inside" a when I use the public transit restroom. Otherwise, I am outside all night
long. And it does get difficult to deal with at times.

There is no such thing as solitude, privacy or total silence in downtown Corvallis.
In some ways, it is like a city that never sleeps. The nighttime brings along with
it a line of  laughing college students, dope dealers on bikes, drunks on foot and
stressed-out homeless people. Mixed into that group are bored drivers in
wandering taxis, pickups without a muffler and cops in their mini-cruisers rolling every
which way but loose.

I sit on a bench and forget about falling asleep. That luxury won't come until hours

So I turn on my computer and listen to music. I play with my phone...recording video
or taking random photographs. And as I do, I watch the power in both the laptop and
my phone begin to fade. There isn't an outlet that I can use to charge either one of
those devices again.

Meanwhile, a chill begins to build around me. As the night progresses, the temperature
continues to drop...down to 47 F the past few nights. And the steel bench that I sit on
transforms into a painted block of ice.

 (Due to the fact that I am very tired and the library is closing soon, I will continue
this post soon...but not tonight.)

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