Monday, September 28, 2015

Good Night, Good Morning Man

                                         PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

"Not every Oz has a Wizard" I said. And in reference to Corvallis, that statement is true.

I sat at a wrought-iron table outside of Starbucks and discussed the State of Being in this haughty
"pay no attention to the lie behind the curtain" city. My friend, who absorbs science like I dispense
wry wit...listened to my stories and just shook her head.

I played Forrest Gump a' la Boxcar Willie and gave her a glimpse of my life. It has been a long

I will miss her and her guy when I leave.

And you will miss a golden opportunity.

I know that you will never understand why I was here in the first place. That's a shame, it
really is.

It was so cold this morning...37F...five degrees above freezing at 7am this morning. I had been
outside all night long. I turned to watch the sun rise like a bright and cruel joke above the
chilled clouds. That's when I saw the hands on the courthouse clocks start spinning around. After
a few minutes, the hands slowed down and the clocks stopped. Again.

I believe that the problem with the clocks is a metaphor. A signal that something is wrong in
Corvallis that seriously needs to be fixed. And soon.

I once thought that Corvallis dropped the ball when it came to blessing me. Now I know that
this city never even picked up the ball in the first place. It just sat and judged me from its sidelines.
And every blessing that could have been mine rolled into a dark blindness. Now it is going,
going and will soon be me.

The bench will sit empty and the morning will hold no more of the music that I wish I could
have shared. The curved cold steel will stand as a reminder that none of the magic in those
melodies ever turned into the right and fair direction.

Colored leaves will skitter across the pavement, followed by chilled breath, lights and finally

And I will say, one last time...on the wind...

"Good Night, Good Morning Man."

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