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Kyron Horman: A Hidden Truth Updated

                                PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

And another person came up with this interesting scenario which I am including here
without edits:

I'll address both of you at the same time. The "cool electric one in the basement" that Kyron was referring to actually existed according to others that have discussed Kyron. I am presuming the boiler room was in the basement too. I have seen photos of the door going into and out of the boiler room. How easy it seems it would be to lure Kyron to the basement by telling him about this "electric display"..and on his way to see it grab him and take him to the boiler room only to remove him once the school is closed. Being a boiler room it would have been the perfect place to keep someone(less chance of being discovered). I have been going back and rereading everything I can find on Kyron and a teacher(not his classroom teacher) and a witness(unnamed)say that a man asked if "the boy could help him unload his car/truck". The teacher gave her permission and they left together with Kyron allegedly never being seen by anyone else again. I am of the opinion that it was either his stepmother (with help) or a pedophile who took Kyron. . Either way is so very sad.

Since a person might threaten to sue me I
will introduce the following questions as a hypothetical theory:

What if a man from the Pacific Northwest, who is very good at searching for lost directly involved in Kyron Horman's disappearance?

What if he isn't what he appears to be at all?

What if he is a pedophile dressed in a very clever disguise?

What if he got involved in Kyron's case for a very terrible reason?

What if he made what he believed to be an iron clad deal with the Devil?

What if he knows Terri Moulton much better than any of us actually realize?

What if he takes children and then inserts himself in the case in a twisted way
in order to experience the ultimate thrill?

There are more questions that I could (and may, eventually) list here but for now
I think that this batch will do.

And as sure as I was one of the first people to publish the text version of
Terri Moulton's Facebook wall...I believe that the above listed questions are
worth some careful consideration now.


"The world's closing in around Terri and I'm coming for her and we're going to get her in jail if it's the last thing I do," Young said.

The following declaration was posted by Harry Oakes on Facebook, September 5, 2015. The
post has earned 52 likes and 15 shares so far. I am sharing it here in its original form without

Here's what I believe happened.
From what I've been told is that Terri Horman, the step mother (Suspect # 1) never ever talked to any of the other parents from Skyline school before Kyron's disappearance.
Yet a week before Kyron’s disappearance, she (Terri) went out of her way to tell as many teachers, strangers, parents that,”Kyron had a doctor’s appointment the day of the science fair so he wouldn’t be staying”.
Yet investigations reveal Kyron had no doctor’s appointment.
Terri claims she has a photo of Kyron setting up his science fair project the day he disappeared. (Frog exhibit). Yet if you look at the photo the shadows are all wrong. If you go into this area, if the photo was taken that am, the shadows would be on the other side of Kyron. To me this looks like the photo was taken the night before.
Terri claims she took Kaine’s truck to transport the science project in the am the day Kyron disappeared. But Kaine claims he drove it to work that morning at HP.?
Kaines truck was seen at the school in the am the day Kyron disappeared.
So why is Kaine stating he drove it to work that am?
Kyron has an older brother. He was whisked away immediately after Kyron disappeared and nothing has been said about his part in all of this if any.
Eye witness? Suspect? Hmmm makes you wonder.
Anytime a child disappears, (I’ve been on hundreds of these cases over the years). The parents hold their room as a Shrine. Everything is kept as it was.
Yet again I’ve been told by a reporter that Kaine boxed up all of Kyron’s stuff and painted the room pink and moved his daughter into Kyron’s room. Unknown if this is true or not.
Who cares who finds the child? Early on I was asked to enter the search by over 1200 private citizens. I did not want to interfere with the MCSO (Mult. Co. Sheriff’s office) investigation. It’s their search, their case. I did offer my services for FREE to the family and to MCSO. As anyone knows there’s a lot of ugly politics in the SAR Community between me and MCSO and other SAR Dog teams after I testified against the State Sheriff’s Association for the mishandling of the Nathan Madsen and Derrick Englebretson case in Klamath Co. Which caused the death of the two kids.
And after I embarrassed the Ore City PD and FBI from Portland in 2002 when our teams found Ashley Pond, Miranda Gaddis, and a third body after the OCPD, FBI and state sar teams had brought in their state certified SAR Dog teams 7 times and went public and said, “they had found no sign of the girls remains on Ward Weaver’s property”. (See FBI statement March 30,2002.
We found their remains locations on March 23, 2002 and documented with a report filed to the FBI and OCPD. They didn’t recover these girls’ remains until Aug, 2002 only after I raised a stink with a certain senator who forced the FBI to go dig up the slab and look into the shed behind Ward’s house. Dateline MSNBC did an expose’ Into Thin Air” which gave me 100% credibility on this case.
The MCSO used the same SAR Dog teams on the Horman case as they used on the Ward Weaver case. These guys and gals are good people, but lack experience in forensic scent evidence. (I wrote a book on it).
I’ve gone in and found the victim’s remains or determined what really happened to the victim 9 times in one year after these teams failed to find anything. Everything I say has been documented, inspected and verified.
After the teams couldn’t find Kyron, I finally gave in and donated my time to go look. I’ve asked Terri, Kaine, and Desiree for a scent article. They refused. I’ve asked these three individuals for permission to search Kaines property, they refused.
I’ve followed up on leads and turned over what I’ve learned and found to MCSO. I’ve donated over $20,000.00 in services to search for Kyron. Not expecting anything back in return. I didn’t get a Thank you from any of the family members.
All I get on their chat lines is “That I’m rude (which I can be as I don’t have time for people’s bullshit.).
“That I’m a fraud and a liar,” Which is 100% bullshit. The FBI, OCPD proved that’s not true with their recovery of the girl’s remains where I said they were. Along with 43 years of documented finds around the world before this case even happened and since then. Which again has all been verified by law enforcement.
Yet Desiree lets these idiots ramble on instead of focusing on what’s important which is gathering information on where Kyron really is.
During our private search with three search dogs and five support people, a large cooler with fresh duct tape has been recovered on a nearby logging road. Reading Glasses matching same color, make, size of Kyron’s has been located. A child’s leg bone was found by my search dogs and verified as human was turned in to the medical examiners’ office after being verified human by an ER doctor from Longview, Wa. St John’s ER Hospital. No I don’t know if they’ve done any DNA on the bone marrow inside to determine if this is Kyron or not. MCSO isn’t talking. I do know they contacted the Horman family right after I found it and said ,” It wasn’t Kyrons”. How do they know this? It takes 6 months to perform a DNA on a bone...
During our search all 3 SAR dogs alerted onto Kaines property to the “Death scent” of a dead human. To my knowledge no one has died on his property before, during, or after Kyron disappeared. SAR dogs can detect a scent into the wind up to 40 miles away. The winds were coming off of Kaine’s property each time we searched the public access roadway.
A volunteer who saw the search dogs alerting snapped a photo of a Child’s spirit staring back at the three SAR dogs that were staring into the trees from the public access road we were walking on.
During our search we found an OCCULT worshiping pentagram near Kaine’s residence. Could this go to motive on why Kyron was killed?
We know that Terri Hormans Red mustang was seen driving around after Kyron disappeared on Sauvie’s island. She and her girlfriend (Lover) had disposable cell phones that can’t be traced by L.E. (law enforcement).
I feel it was Dee Dee driving with Terri’s regular cell phone. They knew LE would track Terri’s movements. Dee Dee looks a lot like Terri sitting in Terri’s red mustang and could easily be mistaken for Terri. So all we know for sure is a Red head (which Terri and Dee Dee both are) were driving a red mustang around Sauvie Island with Terri’s regular cell phone after Kyron disappeared. Was this to throw off LE on Terri’s true where abouts during this case?
So if Terri and Dee Dee are innocent then why have they failed the polygraphs, why has Terri obtained the services of one of the top attorneys in the state of Oregon, and is she refusing to cooperate with the investigation?
Why did Dee Dee finally turn states evidence against Terri? Why has Dee Dee refused to let me search her property? (She’s a land scaper and knows how to bury things.
I’ve also been told but don’t know if this is true or not, that Kaine has obtained over $83,000.00 in donations to search for his son. Yet he’s only turned over $3000.00 to MCSO for their efforts and he’s kept the remaining money.
Why is Desiree not using available local resources and wasting the donated money to fly in all these other SAR dog teams which don’t have any more credibility than the ones already used by MCSO?
So when I say I have zero respect for any of the Horman family to include Desiree, now you can understand why. You don’t play politics when it comes to searching out the truth of what happened to an innocent child.
Most families would welcome volunteers and especially someone with my documented success to join in the search for their loved one. But not these folks.
Makes me feel sad for Kyron.
Can we say FUBAR?

I know that many people searched for Kyron Horman today. And I am fairly sure that still more
prayed for him.

Now I wonder what it all means...Kaine Horman's quiet frustration, Desiree Young's tears and the look...oh that expression on Tony Young's face.

Is Harry Oakes lying? Are Kaine, Desiree and Tony desperately covering something up? Is Harry Oakes more involved in Kyron Horman's case than anyone realizes? Is Harry Oakes hiding something?

Where is the truth?

And...where is Kyron?

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