Friday, September 18, 2015

Mr. Insane In The Rain Updated



UPDATE: September 18, 2015--I was sitting on one of the open benches this morning at the transit center when a familiar form appeared out of the fog. It was the Village Idiot.

This time, he didn't have his bike with him and he walked at a very slow gait. His face was bruised,
stitched and swollen. I decided that karma had finally hit him right between the eyes.

And I don't believe for one minute that it happened by accident. He played the role and then he
paid the toll. In the end, he got exactly what he deserved.

Maybe from now on he and his band of addle-brained assholes will leave nice older ladies like
me alone.

It would be a wise choice to make.


I didn't have time to discuss what happened on the night that I first posted this video. Now I
do. This is the rest of the story:

I had settled down for the night, at the "Chez*Corvallis*Bus*Stop*And*Homeless*Hang-
Out", when a cold, soaking rain began to fall.

I was tired and I just wanted to go to sleep. So I slipped into my sleeping bag and spread my
hippie-dippie-peace-signed-blankey over me and closed my eyes.

Next thing I knew, an old man who smelled of beer and something even more fermented, sat down right
beside me and started smoking a cigarette.

I told him to leave (Oregon law forbids smoking in bus shelters) and he got mad. I became
more determined and more direct. He got up and walked into the rain and started shouting
"You are a c---- !" and "I hate you f------- b---- !" at the top of his tobacco-rotted lungs.

I laughed.

Suddenly, the Village Idiot, on a bicycle that was two sizes too small for his butt, appeared.

"You can't talk to him like that!" the Idiot said.

"I just did" I replied.

"Yeah, well...he's a veteran and you can't talk to him like that!" declared the Idiot.

"He's a foul-mouthed, obnoxious old fart" I declared.

That was when the Village Idiot went into an extended rant which annoyed me because,
as I already pointed out, I wanted to go to sleep.

After it went on for awhile, I decided to put a kibosh on it.

That was when another moron joined the conversation and I turned on my phone. The rest
is happy video history.

After the cop (who finally showed up after I made a call to the station where I was blown
off by a distracted dispatcher) did his thing, the soggy boys known as Dumb and Dumbass,
wandered away into the rain. (The old man vanished right after the cop first drove in.)

And with the exception of the rain falling on the bus shelter, everything was quiet. So
I closed my eyes again and finally fell asleep.

Yesterday, someone decided that I needed a break and she bought me a meal, a motel room
and gave me ten-dollars to boot. That's how my life rolls sometimes.

Drunks or no drunks.

Note to Officer Genius: If you don't want anyone to disturb the peace...then remove who is
obviously disturbed and peace will return again...beyond a reasonable doubt. Duh.

If I ever call you again, remember that. Geez.

Raw Video From That Night

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