Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kindness In Corvallis Sometimes

UPDATE: A very nice friend of mine brought me a bottle of Diet Dew, a burger
and a very lovely rose bud.

He lives in his car, folks.

What, I ask you, did the well-heeled citizens of this city do for me?

When my friend left to get the gifts, I started talking to the gentry
"gentleman" sitting on the bench next to mine outside the library. But then he interrupted me
said, in his best snob voice: "I really don't want to hear about it."

Shame on you, Corvallis.

It was cold early this morning!

The temperature at 7:30am was 41 degrees when I walked over to Starbucks. I just used
the restroom there...because this Sunday, I
don't have any money for coffee. And I can't get anything to eat, either...for the same reason.

There is breakfast and coffee everywhere at this Fall Festival and I can't have any of it. It's
tough to deal with but right now I don't have any choice.

Some Jesus person told me yesterday that he wants to pray for me. But he isn't here with
a warm heart, cozy smile or a hot cup of joe. I think that the rising sun will heat up my cold
fingers before his communication with God ever will.

A free meal with hot coffee and real food will be served at 5:30pm this evening. I will be
there the church...even if I don't have a prayer.

I will at least get dinner...after I watch everyone else enjoy all of the festival food...all
day. Well, glory hallelujah!

Keep the coin-crimping Christians away from me. If  I don't get to break bread with them
then they have no right to clean their conscience through me.


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