Monday, September 21, 2015

The Consolidated Plan And Where I Am

                                PHOTO OF LOCAL HOMIE/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

Dear Corvallis:

Does the following list ring a bell?

1. Providing Affordable Housing Opportunities
2. Maintaining The Quality Of Affordable Housing
3. Addressing Homelessness
4. Helping People With Special Needs
5. Helping People With Low Incomes

Hmmm. Now isn't that just special?

Soooo...let's all take a look at my housing situation right now,
shall we?

I currently spend my nights at the "Chez Corvallis Downtown
Transient...err...Transit Bus And Homeless Hang-Out Center."

It is affordable, however, the only opportunity that it
provides to me is easy access to the bus and loo (except on Sunday),
a place to sit and some protection from the occasional rain storm.

And although a few good folks work to maintain the quality of
that affordable housing...something still appears to be lacking.

This is because my special needs include safety, warmth,
privacy, dignity, a reasonable place to enjoy my meals and
sleep that is not interrupted by the bright headlights from a bus or
the raucous horn from a passing train.

And although I do receive an amount of money every month, I
do consider $700 a month to be on the lower end of the income

So I think that it is time for the City of Corvallis to begin addressing
homelessness by providing more homeless people with a permanent
and reasonable address.

I'm just sayin'.

I saw the budget. Now I have one last question:

When is it going to personally pertain to me?

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