Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The "Good Morning Man"

                                            PHOTOS/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

I begin my days (when it isn't raining, of course) by listening to my growing collection of music that
I am downloading onto my computer...one tune at a time.

Every morning I sit on a long, open bench by the transit center and groove to my tunes. It's become a sort of "opening my day" meditation for me. I enjoy it and it makes me smile.

Someone special also makes me smile...and that person is who I call the "Good Morning Man."

I have no idea who he is. But he always parks his big, SUV-type rig nearby and then walks to his
bus. He uses the combination of the parking lot and the transit center as a park-and-ride.

One morning I was listening to my music as he walked by and I looked up and smiled at him. To
my surprise, that man who is always dressed nicely and carries coffee and paperwork...smiled back.
"Well then" I thought.

A few days later I added a wave to my smile. He smiled and waved back. "Very interesting" I

Then I began to wonder if this nice man really needs my smile and my wave. "He's either got
enough happiness in his life that he has a smile and a wave to spare. Or he doesn't have enough
and he appreciates every smile and wave that I share with him" I decided.

Either way, I decided that during my "Morning Music Meditation" time, I would make a point
of smiling, waving and maybe even saying something positive to the man. And that's exactly
what I have been doing.

The "Good Morning Man" doesn't know it...but he is my hero. For in the midst of the war
between the "Citizens For Protecting Corvallis" and struggling homies like me...the "Good
Morning Man" and I have found a way to relate.

He walks a path that is very different from mine. But he and I have ignored the barriers of
bias, crossed boundaries and have made a simple connection. And that takes an internal
strength that I believe that Corvallis needs... more than ranting meetings...right now.

I am doing my laundry now so the "Good Morning Man" won't see my smile today. But I
will think about him...as I listen to my tunes...during the spin cycle today.

This song is for him:

Just how much HOPE and HAPPINESS do we really need in Corvallis right now?

Ask the "Good Morning Man."

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