Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Edward Snowden: Bring Back The Best, Updated



Edward Snowden aka "Bad Eddy", said that he "burned his life to the ground" when he became a
whistleblower. He tangled with Uncle Sam but the old man didn't want to dance. And now Ed wants
to come home and face the Federal music...but he wants to do it under his own terms. Really,
Ed Snowden just wants to return to his home country...and I wish he could.

As I am sure Mr. Snowden knows by now, this Country is being hit by a very twisted evil...over
and over. The recent slaughter on the UCC campus in Roseburg, Oregon brought the point home again.  Mercer the Murderer was reportedly "obsessed with Satan." Translation: He was a total loser. A weak, deluded, waste of human flesh who, in my opinion,
never should have been born. He had no respect for life so I have nothing but pure contempt for
him. The gutless asshole.

Edward Snowden, on the other hand...has a very high and admirable love for humanity...particularly
those who live in the United States of America. He believes in what is good...right...and fair. I have
followed Snowden's twists and turns since he left this Country...watching and waiting for him to
sink below the moral waterline. As far as I can see, he has yet to do so.

It is heartbreaking to know that people in the USA continue to celebrate their freedom by gunning
other citizens down. Meanwhile, Ed Snowden is ostracized on another continent just because
he stood firm and spoke up.

Bad Eddy Snowden sounded a National and
then a worldwide alarm against the Government and the corporations. Meanwhile,  gun-toting
madmen just took aim at innocent citizens...and fired.

I know that Edward Snowden has every right to come home. And I also believe that every
mass-murderer should never be buried in or have his ashes scattered across United States soil.

Truly, if Ed Snowden returns, I'm sure that he will lead by example. We have too many whining
whackos now. It's time to bring back one real man with his head on straight.

Jeb Bush with either his stupid or his senseless foot in his mouth,  Hillary Clinton with her
pathological liar pantsuit on and Donald Trump who's total financial worth could never buy
him an ounce of empathy with the average Joe...

...are proof-positive that this Country needs all the help it can get.

Let Edward Snowden return to the Land-Of-The-Learning-How-To-Be-Free
and the Home-Of-Going-Out-In-Public-Means-You're-Really-Brave.

He might bring back an idea or two of how to fix things. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Isn't that true, Bad Eddy?

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