Thursday, October 22, 2015

Just For Jessica?


As some of you know, I am following the case of the murdered young woman Jessica Chambers.

And as in many other situations, I keep a cynical eye focused in every direction...including right
there at what was once Jessica's home.

And it seems to me that Jessica's mother Lisa is whining more about herself today than she is
about her daughter. There's something about how she is behaving now that strikes a wrong chord
in me.

If  Lisa  Daugherty doesn't like what is being said about her on an Internet website, all she has to
do is stop visiting it.

Why is she continuing to point her browser there?

Why is she obsessing over the continuing discussion on that site?

People are going to say what they are going to say. But it's been like that since the night that
Jessica died. So why are some poster's words getting so far under Lisa's skin now?

There's something else rippling up the stream of criminal consciousness that is sparking more
than my own attention. Something sinister. Something secret. And perhaps something that is
just now starting to surface.

Whomever killed Jessica would be wise to remember:

A person who plays with smoke and mirrors will never totally bury the truth in the cinders.

Lisa sounds like she is reacting because some people are putting the screws to her. Or is she
getting upset now because her own conscience, that's been following behind finally
catching up?

I think that is a fair question to ask at this point. If she is totally innocent then it doesn't matter
what a group of people on a website think. Unless, of course...those people are pulling the
circle in...tighter and closer inevitable discovery...and prosecution...and conviction of
someone in or some members of...Jessica's own family.

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