Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More Photos From The Boys

 I never realized until the next day why I didn't get a ride out of Winston, Oregon on Sunday. I was
fortunate enough to stay in a motel on Saturday night. When Sunday dawned I opened the curtain and
groaned. Outside the rain just kept falling and falling and falling.

No I never got out of Winston that day. But the next morning, after I caught up on my sleep, I realized that
my little container that I keep some very important materials in...was missing. UH OHHHH!!! 

By that time, I was sitting on the side of Interstate 5...doing my best to hitchhike back to Winston from a truck stop outside of Roseburg.

Two frantic phone calls later, I learned that I had walked out of the motel in Winston on Sunday without that missing container. God knew that and He refused to let me get a ride down Highway 42
until I realized what I did and had the container and its contents back in my hands.

I'm sure of that.

But even though I was caught in Winston early on Saturday evening, I was able to visit with a 19-
year-old guy and he got to take me to where I would be safe that night. And then on Sunday morning,
I met some more amazing people who all helped me get across Highway 42 to Coos Bay and to
where I am now.

(I am not in Coos Bay.)

And all is well now.

Tomorrow I am going to try to get some more video of the ocean. It sure feels good to
be back by the 101!



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