Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Now The Rose Is Black, Updated

                               DESIGN BY RUTH RADER


* Lucero Alcaraz of Roseburg - 19 years old
* Quinn Glen Cooper of Roseburg - 18 years old
* Kim Saltmarsh Dietz of Roseburg - 59 years old
* Lucas Eibel of Roseburg - 18 years old
* Jason Dale Johnson of Winston - 33 years old
* Lawrence Levine of Glide - 67 years old. Mr. Levine is the teacher.
* Sarena Dawn Moore of Myrtle Creek - 44 years old
* Treven Taylor Anspach of Sutherlin - 20 years old
* Rebecka Ann Carnes of Myrtle Creek - 18 years old



I wonder if the group known as the "Citizens For Protecting Corvallis" feels the least bit
foolish now. Here they were, standing up in front of a crowd of people and whining about
"those awful homeless people." When the real monster, the real threat, the real bad man was
close by...sitting in a house...planning a day of hell...in another community.

If there is a lesson to be learned here...it is this: If you really want to protect your community,
make sure you know who is who before you start handing out labels marked "blame."

People of every stripe suffer from mental illness. Not just the occasional joe perched on a
cold guard rail with a cardboard plea in his hand.

And the "Citizens For Protecting Corvallis" will be wise to remember that if they relocate
every homeless person in the city...that won't make Corvallis safe from then on. No, the
open possibility will remain that Corvallis may take a hit just like Roseburg did, yesterday.

All of the petals, like the illusion of peace, have fallen from the rose in Roseburg now. And
the "Citizens For Protecting Corvallis" are probobly standing by the city gates...like gardeners
without a clue...totally baffled.

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