Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ruthie's Road Rockabye

                                PHOTOS BY CHARLIE "ENERGY"/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

If the woman who promised me housing hadn't left me with a "staff" who have some bad habits...
And if the woman who brought me into that house hadn't asked me to commit fraud
against the State...

...I wouldn't have left where I was. But that is what happened...and so yesterday, I left
the small town city of Lebanon, Oregon.

I spent the night at a rest area north of Eugene, Oregon and GOT REALLY COLD!!! 

This morning I piled everything on my wheeler and rolled it down the rest area ramp.
Then I sat down on my wheeler, covered myself in my peace-sign blanket and stuck out
my thumb. My entire system was screaming for coffee and my butt felt like a block of

A young man sauntered down the drive from a car that sported a European license tag.
He introduced himself twice, both as Charlie and "Energy." His boyfriend named "Miracle"
was busy waking up in the car. He asked if I would like a ride and I instantly liked him.

I soon discovered that not only the license tag is European...the car is too. And after
Energy packed my belongings in the back and strapped the wheeler to the top of the
vehicle, I slid into the driver's seat. Yes, I said the driver's seat, yo!

Yup, the car is a Brit...right down to the steering wheel...which of course, is located on
the passenger side of the shift stick. And when we took off...WOW, WAS IT WEIRD!!
I got a kick out of holding both hands up and waving at the other
drivers on the Interstate. As someone who doesn't drive...I felt surreal when I looked out
the window at the concrete median.

The guys eventually dropped me off on a road that I had never been on before. And not
long after that, a guy on a little scooter puttered up to me and offered some loose marijuana
joints. People drove past me and smiled. Then the sun finally burned away enough of the
clouds to shine on my face.

Soon a local cop pulled his cruiser over and offered to get me a motel room for the night.
And that,
with the help of a pastor, is exactly what he did.

Now I am in a warm room where I will take a nice, hot soak in the tub tonight. And I
will enjoy two hot cups of hot coffee before I head back onto the road tomorrow morning.

Tout est bien qui finit bien.

Ain't that right, boys?


                                PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER


Once again, here is the song for you, boys. You know the one:

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