Saturday, October 17, 2015

Yes Or No?

We all have moments in our life when we wonder if a dream is actually going to come true. Our hope
gets built up so high.

Lately, I have had one wish on my mind: I want to get a key to a home of my own.

It could be a blue clapboard house off an alley. It could be a red bungalow underneath a waving
willow tree. It could be a dusty room in a garret. It could be an ancient trailer on a small patch of land.

But the most important aspect is: It. Could. Be. Mine.

I sat on a bench in yet another transit center last night. And that is likely where I will watch the
moon roll across the sky, tonight.

I tried to negotiate a small space in a large church building last evening.  But I guess the preacher
didn't think that I was rich enough to be holy. I tried two different churches...and I never even got
a prayer or a pat on the head.

Sometimes I wonder where the glory goes from the hallelujah that some so-called "Christians"
send up towards heaven like a holy helium balloon. I mean really...where does it go?

If I fed the plate when it was passed to the left and then again when it was flung to the right...would that buy me a residence?

If  I finally found myself spiritual enough to sit in a pew...would I then walk out of a church and into my
own home?

There is a woman who told me that she wants to help me get a home. She lives in one that is
beautiful. I know...I slept there.

Maybe something that she does will help make two doors open into more walls, windows and
floors. I don't know...after's just a dream.

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Anonymous said...

Never abandon your dream, Ruthie. I'm praying for you every day.