Friday, November 06, 2015

Anonymous: Consider Yourselves Told

Anonymous, you have some explaining to do.


No, all you idiots in London did was go against your so-called "principles."
No wonder you all donned masks...every one of you phony hypocrites should be
embarrassed and ashamed of yourselves.

You only proved one thing: You have NO interest in or respect for conducting a peaceful
demonstration. No, because that would have required a level of maturity that you all
evidently haven't reached yet in your lifetime.

So you want to "change the world?"

Well, then you're going to have to change your behavior first.

You started out wrong. Look at the stance that you took with the police. Of all the options
that you had at the point that this photograph was chose the one that was the
most stupid.

There is a saying that I coined once: "You can't play a straight game if all the cards are

Think about it.

Meanwhile, closer to home in Portland, Oregon...a group of  Guy Fawkes faces reflected
a more rational decision. Too bad that you didn't walk the streets like they did.

                                AN ANONYMOUS MARCHER IN PORTLAND, OREGON

And the opinion of your KKK list reads as follows:

The Anonymous KKK List Is Really Kind Of Lame.

You didn't do your homework when you tackled the project and you acted like deranged
fools during your "march" through London.

Geez. You were like a dud bomb...all build up and no bang.

Asinine Players.


I sincerely hope that Ed Snowden doesn't end up acting like you.

Consider yourselves told.

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