Saturday, November 07, 2015

Ed Snowden: The lessons will continue

Edward Snowden is considering mailing in his vote for President of the United States, if only as a "symbolic gesture."

"The American tradition in regard to whistleblowers is to try to bury them."--Edward Snowden

BUT... "You can’t keep a secret that’s so horrendous forever. You can keep it for years; you may be able to keep it for decades. But eventually it will come out. And you pay a moral cost."--Edward Snowden

AND... "The claims that Edward Snowden’s leak would have put the lives of people at risk, as they said in 2013, have also proved groundless.

– CIA, NSA and DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) Directors all have  been brought on the floor of the congress and they have been asked by my strongest critics, begged for any evidence, that any national security interest has been harmed, that any individual has come to harm. And not in any single case have they shown concrete evidence that this occurred."--Edward Snowden

Bad Eddy gave an interview (English Version) to Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter. And it was at least
comforting to know
that he is still paying attention to what is going on in the United States (said with my tongue in my

And I suppose it is true that you can take Ed out of the United States but you can't take the U.S.
out of Ed. And that, even for an international man of mystery (smirk) is as I suppose it should be.

I seriously think that Bad Eddie is the best candidate for President. And I am sure that the power-
players in media land would sell body parts to hold a debate between Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton
and Ed Snowden.

If such a debate was to take place, the guys would see the fireworks all the way up to the International Space Station.

Damn, I wish it could happen! The Internet would truly be set on fire.

Forget Anonymous, Bad Eddy Snowden would blow everyone away by just being himself. I am
considering casting a write-in vote for Snowden. I am surprised that no one is already working on
his campaign. Donald Trump may be a mouth...but Edward Snowden is a magnet.

And who will he draw closer to the point that he has been trying to make?

Will he and his girlfriend Lindsay remain safe inside the Russian jar that they exist in now?

Ed Snowden says that he wants to be a teacher. He is...and I am learning quite a bit from him. In fact,
in this latest interview, he has given me a ton of homework to do! I read the entire interview but  I will have to break it down into sections and read it all again. And I will have to check out the
sidebars and be introduced to what all those new terms really mean. The Snowden Sessions have
now begun.

kan detta också ... binder oss till sanningen ... och ger oss möjlighet att gå i en bättre form av fred .

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