Monday, November 30, 2015

Information Requested

Do you know or have you seen this man?

I will appreciate any information that you can provide. Thank you.



Anonymous said...

If you actually know something or have information about Kyron, just go to the police. All this other stuff you do is distrscting everyone and helping whoever really took Kyron get away with it. Why are you hanging so close to Terri, anyways? Are you that hard up for something to do?

Ruth Rader said...

This is my response to your asinine comment:

First of all, I have been following Kyron Horman's case since the very day that he went missing. When I posted Terri's Facebook ended up being the most popular post in this blog and it still is. It has garnered thousands of hits. So don't tell me what to do with regard to information related to Kyron's case. I know how to handle it.

I am not distracting (spelled the proper way) anyone who has a clue about Kyron's case. What I do and how I do it is none of your business. I am requesting information...not providing it.

I am not helping anyone who has done anything negative to Kyron. On the contrary, you idiot...I am working against that source.

Which brings me to your statement: "Why are you hanging so close to Terri, anyways?"

1.) "Anyways" is not a word.

2.) What makes you think that I am "hanging so close to Terri"? My request for
information is for the person in the photograph, not Terri.

3.) I am on the road, right now and I guarantee that I have plenty "to do." For
instance: I am now considering your request that I stay away from Terri (with regard
to the person in the photograph) to be a tip that Terri is guilty and that the man in the photograph most likely knows why.

4.) Thank you for the information.

Ruth Rader said...

I have received a new comment (which I won't publish here). The following three words are directed at the sender of that comment:

You sound nervous.

Anonymous said...

And you sound culpable.

Ruth Rader said...

I have left a video response below the original post.

Ruth Rader said...

To the person who left me the comment (which I will not publish): Thank you for
your message. Yes, I really want to see the photo. Please send it to my Gmail...

Or if you prefer, you can text it to me: 541-709-1082

Thank You