Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Picture Peeks

                            PHOTOS/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

I am sitting here in this crowded Starbucks store...listening to classic rock streaming
through my my coffee gradually grows cold.

The weather is gray, misty and cold. But that doesn't deter anyone who lives in
Oregon. Oh, hell no!

It has been a week of transitions...from the street to a couple of churches...from the
road to a shelter...and from the ocean to Corvallis.

Oregon's unique beauty comes across in many ways:


And now the sun has finally come out! So then shall I! Laters*


Anonymous said...

Since discovering your blog I have been rethinking my practice of driving past hitch hikers. You have great advice for fellow hitchers in being as safe as possible when accepting rides. How about some advice for us drivers? How can we make a decision on offering rides to strangers? Where I live I don't see many hitch hikers, but when I do see them I am torn with conflicting feelings. Is it safe? There's very little traffic here........many miles between towns. What should we drivers look for when encountering someone in need of a ride? Be safe. I pray for your safety and for all your needs to be met.

Ruth Rader said...

I consider your kind words to be a real complement to my writing ability. And I sincerely want to answer your questions. It's getting late here and I will have to
get to bed soon. But tomorrow the library will be open and I will be able to answer your questions properly. I will turn my answers into a new post in this blog. Thank you for your prayers.