Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Shooters: is anything really changing?

I am now listening to the activity between the police and the shooter (not voice between them but
the play-by-play of the strategy as cops try to move in) on At this time, (2:28pm
PST) there are over 20,000 people listening on several different bands in the San Diego area.

The cops are now saying that the shooter has thrown the magazine out the window...and the rifle
has been thrown out the window, too.



The link that you see above is from a Russian media source (United States version). Now just
imagine what those people in the Russian Federation are thinking right now. It's shameful...I
am ashamed of my own Country.

It has almost gotten to the point of  "Well, let's see what the news is today..." "Oh, ho hum,
another day...and another shooting. Meh, same old stuff."

Except that it isn't a routine activity for those who are experiencing it in California.

I am so fed up with all of these shootings! And look at the apartment building in the photograph
(photos are on the same media page.) It looks to me like a pretty nice place.

So does this particular shooter live there? Does he have a home?

Does he have a family? Does somebody care about him?

Does he have a car?

Does he have access to food and affordable medical care?

Now, granted...I don't have the answers to these questions yet. But...most of the recent shooters
have had access to so much more than the average homeless person does! That reality just makes
it even worse in my eyes!

This isn't a war zone (although it's beginning to look like one)...THIS IS MY COUNTRY!!!!!

I think of Edward Snowden and how hard he is fighting to protect the rights of the citizens of
the States that are United. He can't come home today...and readers...just pisses me off
to the bone.

We have a line-up of shooters who are locking, loading and then making a mockery (and a slaughter
house) of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

And is anything really changing as a result of these continuous shootings?



People are beginning to close up...more and more...inside. Slowly
but surely, each shooter is chipping away at America's good nature. With each shot...with each
victim...we, as a Nation...are losing and losing and losing faith.

And I can't help but wonder what Ed Snowden thinks of this problem that we are dealing with here.

I'm sorry Ed. I wish we had better news to share with you, today. ~Sigh~

And Anonymous...I have one humble but very sincere request...when you march...lock arms and
take each step in peace.

It's high time, in this Country...that somebody did.

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