Monday, November 02, 2015

Snowden And FBI: Socks Or Spies

Some of the good folks in Europe have decided to step over to the Snowden Side of Surveillance Sanity. Now I'm hoping that the recent action will help bring Ed Snowden closer to home. We
really need him here, right now.

I realize that the Federal Government Powers That Be still want Bad Eddie's head on a cold,
political platter. But then, the United States Government has been making some rather stupid
decisions...which hardly puts it in the sole position to judge finger-pointing patriot Edward Snowden.

What stupid decision has the U.S. Government made lately?

Well, what do you think of this one:

The Teenage Take On Terrorism

No, I couldn't believe it myself until I read the article all the way through and then followed that by checking out several more reports. And what does this remind me of? Oh yeah, I know: A manual aimed at Hitler Youth years ago.

Yes, by golly...that's exactly what this new "Point-Out-The-Puppet" profiling program smacks of.
And when I read about the FBI's new game, that part of the Department of Justice dropped back
down quite a few notches in my mind.

Remember when I said that F.B.I. stands for "Forever Being Idiots?

Well, guess what...they still are.

Tell you what I think should be done here: Send the lamebrain who created the puppet bullshit over
to Russia. Then bring Ed Snowden home.

We need to get some real intelligence back into this Country. No teenager should be poking around
for puppeteers...we need a grounded man like Edward Snowden back!

...With no strings attached, of course.

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