Saturday, November 28, 2015

Will Christmas Mean Goodbye?


An abandoned newborn baby has been found alive underneath rubble and debris in
California today.

Please read the article published by the New York Times about Officer Garrett Swasey. I guarantee that it will make every decent soul in this Country...think.

President Obama, in a moment of sadness and frustration, declared: "This isn't normal."

Oh but it, in this land where a man was free to say, "I would like to see Edward Snowden hung by the neck until he's dead"...thoughtless acts of violence have become the new normal.

My father was a police officer all of his working life and so I take the senseless death of Officer
Swasey personally. Yes, I do.

"Where do we go to cry...
Where do we go to ask why...
And when will we stop saying goodbye?"--(from a poem by Ruth Rader. All Rights Reserved)

How could a man make sense of taking lives in a place that he apparently hated because they
take lives, too?

Whatever happened to being true to one's beliefs?

A bell that rang for many, many years in the United States of America...has stopped. And its
silence echoes and echoes and echoes above the scenes of cruel carnage that we are seeing

Where is Christmas?

Will all of the trees light up on the White House lawn this year in front of a crowd that will still
look around cautiously?

Will children line up to see Santa Claus behind bullet-proof walls at the neighborhood mall this

Will those who usually sell Christmas trees in open parking lots for charity, cancel that activity
this year, too?

We all know that reindeer will help Santa Claus navigate his sleigh. We will read the same story
about the Wise Men who followed a star. But where will we go to find true and lasting "Peace On
Earth" throughout this coming year?

It has become far too easy for some people to switch off their heart's light and press on a trigger.
And ISIS isn't the only wicked entity waiting in the wings.

Where is our Savior, now?

How far have we truly walked away from God?

How far away is God from us, now?


An older lady in a small town handed me five twenty-dollar bills the other day. I didn't ask her
for a cent. She felt compelled to do it and kept me out of the wind and cold rain for a couple of

A young woman picked me up and brought me back to her home recently. I slept under heavy
blankets beside a crackling fire in a fire place. She simply opened up her heart and let me in.

                                                    PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

Now I am staying with a woman who is slowly remodeling her entire house. When I sit at
her table, I look through the windows and see a panoramic view of an inlet that is off the ocean.

She says that there are too many homeless people in the world and that it isn't right. I agree.

And now there are too many killers on the streets, too.

Another man took his lack of faith to America, recently. He was all set to die
in a hail of bullets, via the Secret Service, on the White House lawn. He didn't
feel that anything else could be done to fix his he jumped over the
wrought-iron fence and waited for the first shot. But it never came.

Why do you suppose that was?

                                         FENCE JUMPER JOSEPH CAPUTO
                                         ADDITIONAL EDITS BY RUTH RADER

And what will the headlines say on December 25? How many new wounds will be
opened along with all of the gifts on that day?

How many in the name of Officer Garrett Swasey?

I think that we have so many shooters and desperate people now that we need an
anthem. I believe that this song is it:

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