Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Big Shift From Christmas Carols


"You are kidding me!' I shouted at my laptop screen.


No, Apple wasn't kidding. Not a bit.

And for those of you who heard the delightful news online already know how happy
that Christmas present made me.

Forget "Star Wars"...this to me is a million times better. And it was so easy to acquire! Mainly
because I didn't have to do anything.

Last night my Microsoft Groove service was suddenly flooded with a list of music by the Beatles. So
I not only listened to some of the music, but I downloaded over 60 songs (there are many more) and tucked them into a little corner on my computer.

Groove has excellent sound quality and it is worth what I pay per month to keep it. "Star Wars" is
one movie...I'll see it someday. But now I have some great memory music in my library. I'm sure that I will watch a bootleg version of "Star Wars" eventually since I have a knack for finding that stuff
on the Internet.

Anyway, I hope that you are having a wonderful Christmas! May God bless you all.

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