Monday, December 28, 2015

I'm Sorry, Tamir


I am very sad today. This is because 12-year-old TAMIR RICE did not get the justice that he should have today. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED, INSTEAD.

What follows is my written reaction to the comments that I read on a major media website after the
announcement was made today:

I have read more prejudiced, discriminating, bigoted, hate-filled comments here than I ever thought that I would. I honestly believed that the overall cross-section of my
Country was better than that. I am very disillusioned to realize that is not the case...not by a long shot...not by a short one, either.

None of you felt the bullet pierce
the skin of that boy. Not one of you looked around in surprised terror as your body
hit the ground. Not one of you frantically gasped for breath as you bled out into the
snow. Not one of you waited four agonizing minutes for first aid...which was finally
started by a third party who actually knew how to do it and gave enough of a darn to try.

All of the racist remarks here have been heartbreaking for me to read. You hypocrites, you blind people walking, you ugly Americans looking for a
target to swing the hot light on so that you don't ever have to look at yourself...shame on you all.

I am so sorry, Tamir. I wish that I could have been in the park with you
that day. I wish that I could have helped you. Some day I believe that God, Himself will even up the score. I'm just sorry that you got caught in the crossfire of corruption in one of the nastiest cities in the United States.

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