Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jessica Chambers: The Truth Is Waiting

CBS News: Interesting Comments Section

At this time of the year, most people are concentrating on more pleasant subjects. But the folks and family of Jessica Chambers are all too aware of what happened around this time last year. This latest sweep is a definite step forward in the efforts to reveal who killed Jessica.

I am glad that fear has not managed to undermine this investigation. And I hope that the gang members that are now caught in the net...START TALKING. They all like to swagger around, acting like they're all on that tenth level of tough.


Let's see how big their mouths are now. Let's see them back up their self-appointed bragging rights. Let's see those fingers fly.

Or are we going to find out that their yellow line of cowardice runs right down to the bottom of their foolish-looking baggy pants?

See it's show down and throw down time now.

Well? Who wants to go first?

Is that a baby chicken I hear crying down there in that jail in Mississippi?

||And if Jessica was used as a CI (there has been no official verification of this) then the law enforcement entity behind that should also be called on the investigation's carpet.||

The truth is waiting...bring that in, too...

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