Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ruthie On The Road, Update


                      PHOTOS/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

I am so tired. Over the course of the past month, while people have read my words in France,
Great Britain, Germany, Russia and many other places that I have never been...

I have huddled in my wheeler and hidden my face from blowing snow and freezing rain. I have
slept in motels, warming shelters, people's homes, on buses and on an Amtrak train. And
somewhere in the midst of the tickets and road maps and blowing horns, I just wore my old
towhead out.

But I have been blessed by fragrant candles and curly-furred dogs and smiling faces and sincere
prayers and guitars. There is still a bounty of beauty in my life...even though I sometimes feel
like a cross between a journalist and a rock star roadie.

The raging Pacific Ocean, the ear-popping mountains, a forgotten bench in an aging park and one
more green exit sign off the Interstate...that has been my life for the past 30 days. My blue-green
eyes are sleepy as I listen to Art Garfunkel's "Breakaway" album on my "Groove" music service

I have romped through knee-deep snow 7,000 feet up among fragrant pines and coaxed a starfish
back into the salty surf at the ocean's edge. I have held a plastic tray in a soup line and sipped
orange juice out of a crystal glass.

And all in all in all in all...I have lived.

Tonight I am going to trade a comfortable bed for the hard seat of my wheeler...
because tonight I am going to rest in a church building. The warming place in
this small town city will be open tonight. So I will hang-out with the homies
while I wait for my next allotment of money to arrive.

So far, since I've been here, a couple of people have taken me from a freezing
cold corner by a highway...where I bravely held my thumb out in the blowing a warm bed in their own home to a motel room. The managers at the
motel gave me two extra days there out of the kindness of their hearts. And
because they, like the couple, really don't want me spending my nights sitting
in my wheeler in a church building.

But tonight I will have to. Right now, tomorrow is up to God even though an ice
storm is scheduled to make a rude appearance. The winter shelter rule states
that the outside temperature has to be forecast to drop below 30 degrees before
the winter shelter will open its doors on any given night. Snow, wind and
freezing rain, notwithstanding.

A lawyer is finally perusing the mess that is my place in the dissemination of
an estate. We, my friends and I, feel that it would be in my best interest to take
residence of the house (that the rest of the folks listed in the will) that has
apparently been put up for sale. Or just throw me my share of the money in the
pot before the legal gimme group takes it all.

It seems very ironic that material solutions exist while I sit in a warming shelter
at Christmas time.

But that is just exactly how some "Cardboard Christians" are trying to screw over an
old girl this Christmas.





(more videos coming)

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