Monday, December 21, 2015

She Cracked

"She cracked" I said to myself after I read the first few sentences of  MSN News: Oregon Homeless Woman Drives Into Crowd in Las Vegas. "She just had too much thrown at her and she finally fell apart."

She was homeless, had a three-year-old, another throwaway from Portland, Oregon and was living
out of her car. DO THE MATH.

Her stress-level must have been through the roof when she lined her car up in front of that crowd
and hit the gas.

Portland and a large part of the State of Oregon has a homeless population and a problem with them
that is out of control. That has been a dangerous fact for many years now.

Now after the invasion of people from neighboring States...the clamoring crowd has grown too large
in size and there just aren't enough resources to go around, anymore.

                                           DIRTY, TIRED AND WISHING I COULD GO
                                           TO BED

I dubbed Portland the "Social Drainage Point" of Oregon and warned that only bad would come out of it. Well, now it has. And I am betting that this latest incident will not be the end it, either.

I am in Redmond, Oregon right now and the provider-system is having a difficult time dealing with the local homeless problem.

Check this out:


The whole point of having a shelter at all is to keep people in a safe, warm place off the streets during
the winter months. But that isn't what is happening. Here in Redmond the church doors are closed more than they're open.

So what will eventually happen when another homeless person's desperation crosses over the line?


Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas, Ruth. I'm praying you have a safe, warm, peaceful, belly-full-of-good-food and hot coffee Christmas Eve. I'll light a candle for you tonight.

Ruth Rader said...

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I am snarfing on nutritious food like crackers and CHEESE!

(gotta have my cheese)

And I am grooving to the tunes that I downloaded late last night.
You see, I have Microsoft Groove.

And last night, Apple Corps decided to open up the vaults and
offer any pay subscriber the chance to stream and download
its entire Beatles collection.

Now I have all of the great albums...tucked away in my computer...
like "Rubber Soul" and "The White Album" and "Magical Mystery
Tour" and "SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Band."

The sound quality is excellent and I am enjoying the songs

I can't light an actual candle here but I could light a virtual
one and watch it flicker softly on my laptop screen. Maybe I will.

I have a coffee maker in here and probably will brew a pot up
tonight. As for food, I am okay in that respect, as well.

I will enjoy peace more than anything.

And since you sent me your comment anonymously...I consider it a
challenge to see where it was sent from and who you might be.

P.S.--> I hope it is a candle that smells nice.* You are also
allowed to light up a joint.