Friday, January 01, 2016

Before We've Even Begun

Rowland Heights, California: Son Fatally Shoots Father Who Killed 3 People, Police Say

Cudahy, Wisconsin: Man Kills Daughter and Himself in New Year's Day Murder Suicide, Police Say

Tamarac, Florida: Former Boston Market Manager Shoots 2, Kills Himself at Restaurant, Police Say

The headlines (above) appeared together in my Facebook news feed today.

And I thought to myself: "Where is our Country really going?"

We are 16 years into a new century and one day into a new year. And the right to buy bullets and
own and carry a gun is still competing with bad headlines.

Meanwhile, I struggle with a chronic breathing problem that's related to my heart's aging ability to beat. I walk with a wheeler and I have no guarantee that I will be safe and warm every night when I close to my
eyes to sleep.

My weapons are my laptop's keyboard and my unique way of expressing what I feel. When I add
that to my sincere prayers to God, I am armed to the teeth.

But now the holidays are past and the honeymoon is over...and the long winter months are
stretching out ahead of bloody footprints across a field filled with snow.

Bye, Bye Baby Jesus...adios angels that we heard on long Santa Claus. See you all next

Turn off the colored lights and cut off the carols. It's time to return to reality...and trade mistletoe
for murder and tinsel for terror.

I truly believe that more than a ball dropped at midnight last night. So did someone's tears.

And it looks like we're failing before we've even begun.

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