Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bundy Be Gone!








The City of Burns had a little block party in and outside of the local library last fall. It was very
"country" and filled with guitars and games and laughing children. And I remember thinking that
the autumn leaves just framed it all so well.

That is the real Burns.

That community is about chatting with the locals while eating a sandwich, at a table, outside
the Safeway grocery store. It's about drinking coffee with the seniors at the Community Center.
It's about catching up on the local gossip while munching on fresh pizza at Figaro's.

That is the real Burns.

What the Bundy Bunch brought to Burns is a pin that is threatening to poke a hole in
that small town city's peaceful balloon. There is a very helpful taxi driver, an understanding
supervisor at the hospital and some local cops who just want to keep the peace in Burns

That is the way that it should be in Burns.

That is the way that it should be in Harney County. That is the way that it should be in
the State of Oregon.

Our "Sweet Land of Liberty" exists under the carved promise of the Lady of the Harbor...
not in the shadow of an occupied guard tower. And I am not fooled by Ammon Bundy's
rhetoric. I know what my Country...this all about.

As sure as I know the real Burns, Oregon...a proud little part of the United States of

Go away, Mr. Bundy and take every one of your angry fools with you. You have no business

God and His people do.



Anonymous said...

How do I access your facebook videos?

Ruth Rader said...

Scroll up to where it says,"My Road Videos." Click on it.
You will have to have a Facebook account and be already
logged-in to Facebook, in order to view them.

Anonymous said...

When I click on the link I am diverted to Facebook where I receive the following message: The page you requested cannotbe displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or you may not have permission to view this page.

Ruth Rader said...

If you have a Facebook account and are logged in then it probably means that you are
blocked. If I blocked you in the past then you are on that list and may not be able to access my videos.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Not a facebook user. I hope you keep us up to date with your essays. Thanks for trying to help me see your videos. I do watch youtube, not a fan of facebook.

Ruth Rader said...

Facebook is much easier and faster for me to use than YouTube. I do have a
YouTube channel but I won't be posting any more videos there until I get a
new phone. (I have a phone in service but it needs to be replaced.)

Thank you for your concern. I will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow

Anonymous said...

I hope they help you find a safe place to stay once you're discharged. Keep us posted. Hope you're feeling well. Sometimes hospitals discharge people too soon, but it's always because of the money. Everyone has tied hands evidently. Be safe. Be well. Stay strong. You're not alone.

Ruth Rader said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I appreciate your kind words.
I want you to know that my cardiologist and the good staff here
at the hospital have gone above and beyond for me. I am blessed
that I have had them in my corner for the past week.
I have nowhere definite to stay tomorrow night but I am going to
go to a nearby small town city and seek assistance there. I have
made a contact there and I hope to discuss my situation with her
I will not accept being tossed to the street with nowhere to go.
It is not the hospital's fault that I am dealing with this
situation in this way. If I would blame any entity, it would be
the ignorant and arrogant "provider"-system that is a Nationwide
My insurance company does not cover "aftercare", even though
that is exactly what I need. I should be able to access
temporary lodging that works in tandem with the medications and
physical therapy that I will be involved with.
The hospital has programs for cardiac patients that I want to
join. They also have a beautiful walking track that is made of
a special material that I can use. It is located outside and
behind the main hospital building.
I don't need to stay at a skid row place where nobody cares
about my health needs. I don't want to breathe in excessive
amounts of cigarette smoke. I don't want to try and sleep in a
dirty environment around tuberculin-type hacking, twisted
personalities and full-blown addictions. I don't want to be
expected to keep up with the rest of the horde. I want to
take the next step in my recovery by being where people are
fully aware of my health requirements and respect them.
It's all about Spes Vocat Fideles. Yeah.