Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nutcracker, Anyone?

“When you have a high-profile event like this, lots of people want to get in on the action,” said Mark Pitcavage, the senior research fellow for the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. “It has the ability to draw all sorts out of the woodwork.”--New York Times

"Back in Burns, a clerk at one of the town’s few motels said the FBI has booked rooms through March."--Washington Post

                                NOT EVERYONE AGREES WITH BUNDY'S BAND




(NOTE TO MY READERS: The following video is audio only. However, it is extremely graphic.
You can hear children screaming as they drink the toxic beverage. The video is truly over six

The people that are gathering at the refuge near Burns need to be mindful of
the past. History repeats itself...over and over. If those people don't recognize
the potential dangers related to what they are doing now...they better...
and soon.

All it will take is some screwed-up thinking, obsession, paranoia, desperation,
weapons and an agenda gone wild. How much of the above-listed factors
are already in play at the standoff, now?

Jonestown was about mind control, power and ego. It obviously made for a
very bad mix. The people who are bowing to Ammon Bundy's leadership now are
beginning to follow in the footsteps of over 900 men, women and children
who died in French Guyana.

The victims in Jonestown had no choice. They were forced to either drink the
poison or be shot to death. Jim Jones, the leader of the group, had armed
henchman who were dedicated to his every whim.

Even down to the point of committing mass suicide/murder.

Think about it for a minute:

There is a leader at the refuge now. There are armed guards there, too. The
group has a name. They have an agenda that is rapidly becoming more twisted
by the day. The twisting is largely due to the influx of "wild-eyed pistol wavers who
ain't afraid to die" (lyric from a song by Don Henley.)

How do we know that there aren't people at that standoff right now who really want
to leave and are being forced to stay? What about the rights of the children who
are facing a potential firestorm?

I cannot help but feel that something in that refuge (which, in fact, is really no longer
one) is in grave danger of shifting into violence. But I don't believe that an atrocity
will take place as a result of outside intervention. I think that it will evolve from

It's not the Federal Government that is the monster there.

I am convinced that it is the constant presence of the media that is keeping that whole
situation in check, right now. When the media eventually leaves, I bet people will begin to
unravel within those occupied buildings.

And then what will happen?

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