Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ruthie On The Road, Update



I am in the hospital under the care of a cardiologist.

A hospital stay includes a series of  challenges: Blood draws, IV's and how to keep
your gown closed in the back when you get up to use the bathroom. After you're
admitted, every orifice in your body belongs to the hospital staff.

I have a series of  tests that I'm going to take today...including one where I will be
able to see my own heart.

The food is great here and the hospital obviously has free Wi-Fi.

My doctor is a good one and he wants to help me. I want to help myself, too. But
it will take a team, working in tandem with me...to make good things happen in the
near future.

It is a circle for the most part: I get poked, drained and patched back up. Then I
head back out onto the road. I deal with the good and the garbage. And as I go
through the homeless grist mill...my body breaks back down again. Then I return
to the hospital.

Cyclic insanity.

Meanwhile, the will that I am supposed to be a beneficiary of...hangs in the

On a happier note, here is a recent photo of several of my fans. The photo was
taken in Hillsboro, Oregon:


Moureen Conyers said...

Ruthie, you are in my prayers. Please keep me posted

Ruth Rader said...

Mou...you are a very kind person. Because of the list of things that the hospital staff needs to do with me right now...my online time is sporadic. But I am going to try to keep you and everyone else...in the loop.

I believe that your prayers, Mou...are helping very much. Your good will is powerful when it is put in the Holy hands of God.

Please accept this hug from me, dear Mou...you are my sunshine.* Thank you for being you.

Anonymous said...

God be with you, Ruth. I think of you often. Hospitals can be lonely places, glad the staff there is treating you well. Perhaps this will be the first step toward safer, healthier living conditions for you.

Ruth Rader said...

Thank you, oh anonymous one. Your concern for me is most appreciated. I will do my best to get through the upcoming test with Mr. "D.J. Yellow Submarine." He introduced his wise and kind self to me today and played the Beatles to keep me calm. And he told me all about Jerry Naylor. Fascinating. Think good thoughts for me tomorrow morning. And I will think good thoughts for you.