Sunday, January 24, 2016

Step Up, Step In And Take Charge


"Regardless of what the FBI and the White House say, the governor of Oregon has the sovereign responsibility, obligation and authority to act to protect the people and their property within the boundaries of the state of Oregon."--Richard Ellmyer

This situation is going to end badly. I can feel it in my gut. Something very dark and
violent is going to happen somewhere between Burns and the occupied refuge. And when it
does, all of the well-meant hindsight in the world won't ever wring all of the grief out of the

There is something like a black mold that is beginning to grow around the Burns area. I can
see it from a distance and I'm sure that those living near the epicenter of this flagrant
wrongdoing can see it, too.

I wish that it didn't have to end this way. But I believe that it will.

It's time for the State of Oregon to take a stand. Ammon Bundy and his band of crazies
have to be arrested, transported to jail in Burns, their vehicles confiscated and their children
put in a safe, sane place. The showdown has to happen now.

All I had to do is watch and listen to Ammon Bundy answer Steve Dunn's questions this
morning to see just how delusional Bundy really is. Ammon Bundy's understanding of the
truth has all but slipped out of his grasp. It's time for law enforcement on every level to step
up, step in and take charge.

I am concerned for the children at the refuge. But Ammon Bundy has no right to
hang them in the balance like innocent human shields. If the militia is allowed to continue its
wrongdoing, it will build and spread a potentially powerful threat. That cannot be allowed
to happen.

There are children living in Burns, too. And they deserve to return to growing up in peace.

And you know, I think that the militia...somewhere deep down inside, already knows that its
agenda is all wrong. Otherwise, they wouldn't all feel the need to post armed guards at the
refuge gate. They know it...and now they're daring someone to knock that realization, like an
angry chip, off their shoulder.

So be it then.

I believe that it's time to trade lock and load for walk in and enforce the law.


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