Friday, January 22, 2016

Terri Moulton: Here We Go Again

More than five years later, Terri says she's finally speaking out because she wants Kyron found. "No one is looking for him anymore," she says.--PEOPLE Magazine


Terri is under the gun, right now. It's either because someone is
threatening to go to law enforcement with damning information about Kyron's disappearance. Or
because she needs money. Or because she is trying to run away from what she did and become
"somebody else."

But I don't believe a word she is now saying in her own defense. Not one evil word.

Terri hated Kyron. She said so in a collection of emails that were saved and given over to the
media in 2010. I have seen them, of course and so have many other people.

I believe that Terri had everything to do with Kyron's disappearance on June 4, 2010. I further
believe that Terri is a true narcissist who is embracing the media so tightly now that she began
the recent People interview by talking about herself...not Kyron. Terri has been out of the spotlight
for awhile and now she is enjoying the warmth of this newfound attention.

I noticed a sharp spike in hits to the Terri's Facebook wall post in my blog, recently. Now I know

And now Terri's come out of shadows again. If Terri had one shred of genuine concern for
Kyron, her video interview with People magazine would have happened a long time ago. And
she would have followed up that chat with a dogged persistence to find "her son."

If Terri thinks that she is going to baptize herself in her latest stunt and come up clean...she's
wrong. Those of us who have followed Kyron's case for years know better. And there are plenty
of us here. I am also suspicious of her son, James. I just feel sorry for her daughter Kiara.

So Terri is going in front of the cameras. But you'll never talk yourself out of  your guilt, Terri.
You never will.

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