What needs to be fixed is the spoiled rotten attitude that the Bundy Bunch has. That Vanilla Militia really has so little to complain about. People are dealing with a major blizzard throughout the East right now. People up on the floor of this hospital are dealing with serious health problems. I am among the patient rank and file. Yet, I
understand right from wrong...dealing with a heart condition hasn't left me the with
an arrogant feeling of entitlement. No one here has any intention of taking over this
hospital. Yet the Bundy Bunch, all healthy and strong in a way that I would give so
much to be...are arrogantly ignoring what is right...and are taking a stand on the corrupted shoulders of the Devil. It's easy for them to hurt others while they,
themselves, can't feel pain. Someday, their children will grow up and see their
elders for who and what they are...and hang their heads in shame.--Ruth Rader--from a comment posted on a newsmedia website