Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Message Video Update

                                            PHOTOS/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

The technical problems have been corrected. Both videos are now accessible.



Let's address the little problem that cropped up today: The woman who said that I could stay at her house until next week...had a temper tantrum today. So I left. I ended up out on a little country road late this afternoon and now I am far away.

I am in a nice hotel room off of Interstate 84. I have red licorice, nice amenities waiting for me, money and a hot breakfast in the morning. I AM ROCKIN' IT, YO!!! And I checked and the video that the woman made me take offline is going right back up. Yes, it is.

I never gave a name, address,
photo of either owner or any other identifier on that video. Therefor, the video is going back up and it's staying online. The woman had a major hissy-fit because she doesn't want people to "know what she has." I know what she doesn't have. You want to take a guess? I also have another
video going up soon. Oh, and the church will be getting a nice financial gift
that hopefully will leave them more confused than they already are. Amen.

It is unfortunate that the woman is so tied to her possessions. And it is obvious that for all of her insecurities, she really does have too much of too many things. I was just waking up from a nap with the dog when she blew in like a bad wind. Her actions caught me off guard and as a result I
forgot both my warm hoodie jacket and my nice, mummy sleeping bag. So now I have even less
and she has more. That doesn't surprise me.

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