Monday, February 01, 2016

Burns Oregon: Breaking Up Bad

Another stupid message from the Bundys:



(NOTE TO MY READERS: This is an exclusive response from Ms. Lamborn to me. I am sure
that most of the residents of Burns and Harney County know who she is. Angie Lamborn is highly involved in the Burns community and that is why I chose her to speak her peace here. I am
sharing her email with her permission.)--

"Our community has been divided by outside forces who have been repeatedly asked to leave by the majority of the community itself.  Most of us support our Law Enforcement.  They are neighbors and friends.  Their children go to school with ours and they care about the community we share.  They are our coaches and volunteers.  They care about the very people, I believe a minority, who  have lost sight of that and have been manipulated into hatred.

Wounds have been opened between friends and within families.  The lines drawn are the direct result of the strangers in our  community doing what they do best, manipulating and recruiting individuals for their cause.  Evangelizing fear and distrust.  It is truly heart breaking.

I am sorry to say healing will not begin until the last of these individuals and groups leave our community and allow us to find what it is that has made us a special community, again.  We will need to forgive and to care for each other.  We will need to remember our history.  The groups of outsiders have successfully weakened the fabric of our community, which is what they are very good at, and is what they came to do, but they have not torn it. When they go, and I believe they will, it will be repaired.  It won’t be easy and it will take time but we will get there. Resilience and perseverance are two strengths this community has in spades."



Really now...where are those so-called "patriots" going with their protest rally in Burns, Oregon?

And just who in that community is going to benefit from the signs, the soundbites, the shouting,
the swagger and the guns?

It looks to me like a group of people (many of them from out-of-State) have taken it upon
themselves to speak for the residents of Burns. To me, that just doesn't feel right.

What is happening to the quiet, peaceful, small town city that I used to know?

I remember sitting on a guard rail at the edge of town and putting my thumb out. I remember
waving at the people passing by in their cars and trucks. I remember watching the birds fly and
the leaves shake in the wind. I remember...feeling free.

It just breaks my heart to see what is happening today in Burns. That little bus pick up point
has gone crazy overnight.

Now some "patriotic" fools are claiming that the local law enforcement isn't what it ought to


Well, any time that I have been in Burns and needed any kind of formal assistance...they have
always been there for me. For the most part, they have looked out for my best interests even
when I haven't asked them to.

And now some people are saying that they have to go??

This newfound behavior reminds me of a three-year-old kid throwing a major tantrum in a
Walmart store: "Waaaah! I want it my way! Gimme! Waaaaaah!!"

What does a sensible parent do in a case like that...when the kid goes out of control and won't
stop screaming?

Swat him directly on the hind end and then inform the little rascal that the way that it
exactly the way it will be. And no amount of rock and rage is going to change it.


I believe that it is time for law enforcement to sweep in and deal with the growing unrest in
Burns...up close and personal. Enough is enough.

They need to do that before some wild hair with a gun opens up in a crowd and starts shooting
people. The way I see it, a segment of the population in Burns is asking for something that it
really doesn't want.

What the City of Burns and Harney County should want is PEACE.

May I get an amen?


Anonymous said...

Uranium one, Liberty zero. That's the score, at least for now.

Ruth Rader said...

Seems to me that a great many "liberties" are being taken right now...whether anyone has a right to them or not. As far as uranium goes, some people in this State don't even have a decent, affordable house to live in...let alone the capability to go chasing after mineral rights.